Pakistan National Youth Conference 2024



PNY Group is a bunch of companies that includes PNY Training institute, PNY Advertising
Company, PNY Pink, Pny Adventure, PITA, Eraflip, PNY Genius. The main motive of
the PNY group of companies is to empower the youth and improves country’s economy.

PNY Trainings​

PNY Trainings is an IT based institute which leads the students to get the best Technical based skills and give career advantage to the youth to make it bright future in the field of Information Technology.

PNY Pink

PNY Pink focuses on educating and guiding women so that they can learn to inspire as the main motive of PNY Pink is to empower women as “behind every successful man there is a woman”


We are providing E-commerce services and managing accounts like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wallmart and other e-commerce platforms. Join this amazing platform and explore different E-commerce services.

PNY Genius​

PNY Genius covered IT Courses for kids, and in which we cover every age group of kids. In this platform we offer special courses to enhance kid’s capabilities and increase their productivity.

PNY Adventure​

PNY Adventure is all about exploring our beautiful country, Pakistan. The main goal of this venture is to motivate people to get up and explore! PNY Adventure let young youth to travel in affordable rates and packages

PNY Advertising​

PNY Advertising is an advertising company that offers various services of digital media marketing in affordable rates. The main motive behind the company is to grow small business and make an impact within society.


PITA is Pakistan information technology association, where different IT tech companies meet and exchange offers. This is a forum where different IT companies arrange different seminars and free workshops.
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